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Aeolian Mixtape released TODAY!

Aeolian Mixtape release day is here at last!

Available now on CD/digital through Nonclassical, this album flowed from my adventures designing and making Aeolian harps in Greece in 2020.

Sometimes it can feel like there is so much music in the world that it's hard to find a sense of wonder anymore at how precious all that music really is. But for me, the Aeolian harps brought the wonder back. As we camped on the beach in Greece, the harps leaning against the trees all around us, the waves lulling against the shore, the sounds we heard felt like magic- like seeing a shooting star or spotting rare wildlife. Sometimes only one long low note would speak. Other times, a breeze would take hold of the harp strings and bring a kaleidoscope of sound. Every time it felt precious.

I hope you'll be as transported listening to Aeolian Mixtape as I was making it.



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