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Collectress to perform at Brighton Festival's Bird Bath

Updated: Apr 21

Really looking forward to performing at this very special event dreamed up by my amazing fellow Collectress, musician and ecoacoustician Dr Alice Eldridge, and her colleague and friend, broadcaster Alistair Appleton. Alistair has kindly invited Collectress into his home on the cliffs at Cuckmere to rehearse over these past weeks- a rare treat. The concept of Bird Bath is to transform beautiful buildings into restorative spaces, inviting audiences to pause, rest and 'bathe' in the sound of local birdsong. This event is taking place in St Peter's Church, Preston Park, where we recorded our first album, Mondegreen.

7.30pm: Guided meditation with Alistair Appleton 

8.30pm: Performance by Collectress followed by open improvisation invitation (bring an acoustic instrument)

More info here



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