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"An electro-acoustic score of beautifully expressive intricacies"***** 

The Guardian

Rambert/Merce Cunningham Event 


"The most original and distinctive voice is heard on Quinta's Themistocles Is Captured. Another NMC treat"

Gramophone Magazine 

Flux: New Music, New Dance, NMC


"The music was so beautiful I cry. Quinta's music make me feel connected to the universe"

Cao Yutong, CEO of C-Zone Hackspace

We Can Build Bridges, MIR China


"You can't help but want to observe how these five artists work their wonders." **** 

The Times

The Paper Cinema's Odyssey


"The wide-ranging soundtrack, composed by Quinta, was perfect for the show."

Fringe Review

Mimbre's The Exploded Circus


"As the album comes to a close, you get the idea you've just been to the most peculiar recital you're ever likely to experience. Quinta comes from a different place and a different age. There aren't enough albums these days that are genuinely fascinating. This one is. Cherish it."

The Line of Best Fit

My Sister Boudicca, Tartaruga


"So strikingly alien, yet brimming with such passion and humanity" 

BBC Fresh On The Net

The Quick Of The Heart, Peeler 07.17

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