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Quinta is a London-based music-maker and multi-instrumentalist. Her dad gave her this name when she was a baby as she was the youngest of five and a girl.


Part of a new movement of independently-minded experimental female cross-over artists making work at the intersection of art/new music, electronics, the DIY, visual/video art, and pop, Quinta is particularly interested in improvisation, electronic interfacing and new instruments. 


She works to present musical material in visually imaginative ways, using movement, dance, light, and homemade instruments and sample sets.


Working across a number of fields including dance, circus and film, she has a richly diverse biography of collaborations, including with all-female arts collective, Collectress.


With a background in third sector activism, Quinta is co-founder of Music in Detention and spent formative years working with Music in Prisons and participatory film-makers, Living Lens.

She was Music Fellow at Rambert 2015/16, British Council Musician-in-Residence China 2016/17 and PRS Composition Fund awardee 2019.

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