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Quinta is a London-based artist, musician and multi-disciplinary maker working experimentally at the intersection of art music, improvisation, electronics, DIY, video/visuals, and pop. She works to present musical material in visually imaginative ways, using movement, dance, light, and homemade instruments and sample sets. Her dad gave her this name when she was a baby as she was the youngest of five and a girl.


A versatile maker, she has collaborated, recorded, and toured the world as a multi-instrumentalist with numerous critically-acclaimed artists including Radiohead’s Philip Selway, Bat for Lashes, Patrick Wolf, and Lamb; worked as composer, arranger and orchestrator for award-winning theatre, concert hall and dance productions including The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey, Ockham’s Razor’s Tipping Point, Rambert’s Event and the BBCCO’s Unclassified; and released three studio albums as a solo artist and two with longstanding collaborators, CollectressShe was Music Fellow at Rambert 2015/16 and British Council Musician-in-Residence China 2016/17.


With a background in research and third sector activism, Quinta is co-founder of Music in Detention and spent formative years working with Music in Prisons, participatory film-makers Living Lens, and at UCL’s Information Centre About Asylum & Refugees. 


On the back of her solo live art show The Shape Of The Moving Air (Athens 2020) and a year of international residencies supported by the PRSF Composer Fund, Quinta released an album of Aeolian harp music with Nonclassical in November 2022. She has recently worked with award-winning BBC Essential Mix DJ HAAi and with Philip Selway on their latest album releases, and is currently working with CSA survivor/theatre-maker Viv Gordon on the next stage of arts activism project, Restless, with choreographer Trish Okenwa on Dance City commission Fertile Ground, with emerging post-rock band Mother Sky on their upcoming album release, with dance artist Hannah Rudd on a new commission exploring the re-shaping of identity after physical loss within the body, and with Victoria Hume on Radical Abundance, a song-cycle project exploring the notion of ‘degrowth’ and the dying days of capitalism.

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