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Premiere & UK tour of The Messiest Drawer

Very excited this show is now out in the world. Created in collaboration with the amazing Patrician Okenwa, Play Pause Repeat is a Dance City and Gillian Dickinson Trust Commission. Following its premiere on International Women's Day, it is touring now.

In The Messiest Drawer we find clutter, tangles, precious knick knacks- all the things we hang on to, as well as the many stories that tell us why and how. As we unpack, rediscover, and reposition, memories bubble up and move us in many ways: from getting stuck in a moment to holding them dear to our heart.

Concept by Quinta & Patricia Okenwa

Choreography by Patricia Okenwa in collaboration with the dancers

Performance & choreographic contribution by Daisy Dancer, Pagan Hunt, Alex Thirkle & Hayley Walker

Musical composition by Quinta

Lighting Design by Mark Parry

Costumes by Patricia Okenwa

With grateful thanks to the loved ones who shared the contents of their messiest drawers with us and whose voices feature in this piece.



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