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Witness Stand: A Brighton Festival commission

Really excited to be presenting a site-specific sound piece at this May's Brighton Festival. Part of Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey's ongoing collaborative creation Witness Stand which invites small audiences to gather and listen together in a specific (often in-some-way contested) location, I'll be performing my work at the project's East Brighton site on 7th and 21st May.

"How do we understand where we are through listening? Immersive soundscape, live performance and each area’s natural ambience give us the opportunity to look outwards and consider what it means to be here now, what it meant in the past, and what it might mean in the future. A chance to witness, together, exactly what it is that makes these places so unique."

Tix available from Brighton Festival website here.

(Witness Stand: Homo Novus Festival 2021)



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