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'She Walks...' launches this week

Very excited to have made the music for Viv Gordon Company's latest project- a song called 'She Walks...'. This Wednesday, as part of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence the team gathers together for the online premiere. Even though, due to Covid restrictions, most of us didn't meet in person for the collaboration, it was still a total joy to work with animator Lou Sumray, rapper JPDL, and Viv herself on this important project.

Here's a bit more about Restless- the project of which this song is a part- from Viv's website:

"Restless is an arts activism project about community, visibility and voice for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Gender Based Violence. At the heart of the project, walking and coastal landscapes offer imagery revealing survivor experiences - of exposure, navigating challenging territory, occupying the edges - and the sea provides a central metaphor of the power of continuous collective action to make change.

Restless combines walking with creative research, spoken word, music, combined arts and participatory actions for survivors and allies online and in the landscape."

And here is brilliant Viv discussing and reciting the poem which inspired the track:



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