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R&Ds at Wainsgate Dance & Siobhan Davies Studios + Dance City commission

Excited to be working with wonder women Trish Okenwa, Stephanie Forrest and Estela Merlos on new work- earlier this summer at Wainsgate Dances in Hebden Bridge and more recently at Siobhan Davies Studios.

"Patricia has invited a dancer, a composer and a fine artist to spend time in the studio with her; people she holds dear, those whose practices inspire. They are going to try and work out how to create together. Patricia will be revisiting a past work, trying it on after many years, exploring what is now and what could follow. She has established that she still loves to dance. She still needs to dance. She wants to share the creative moment. To learn, and churn, and chisel. This residency began with the feeling that there was too much to tackle, too much to even start. But, through sharing, being together and caring, it becomes clear that in the doing there is something valuable that needs to be recognised. The clouds part. The engine is running."

As well as this creative engine, Trish and I will be working on a new commission in the spring:

"Fertile Ground is thrilled to be the recipient of the 2024 Dance City and Gillian Dickinson Trust Residency/Commission. This award will support two new creations; a collaboration between choreographer Patrica Okenwa and composer Quinta and a creation by choreographer Jamaal Burkmar. This is a fantastic opportunity for our company to showcase the talent of young dancers from the North East and support them in their early career. We look forwards to this collaboration with dance City and its team and to meet many of Newcastle’s dance community at our performances and engagement activities planned for Spring 2024."



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