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Quinta's #pianobites 5: Laurie Spiegel's The Unquestioned Answer

Updated: May 12, 2023

Even the title of this piece speaks somehow to the moment we're in. Laurie Spiegel's transporting The Unquestioned Answer is taken from her 1980 album The Expanding Universe and is the last of my lunchtime 'pianobites' posts. This version is best listened to with headphones, a bit of time on your hands, and a nice hot cuppa.

I used a 1988 Yamaha VSS-200 in this performance to sample my voice to generate the keyboard sound, and a Space Echo for additional processing.

Spiegel is best known for her electronic and computer-based music. Her work is celebrated in Sisters with Transistors, a new film premiering today which documents and celebrates the work of electronic music's unsung heroines.

Thanks to everyone for listening this week. And thanks to Bishopsgate Institute for inspiring me to dive into all this amazing music. Roll on the day when I can swap the cardboard grand for the real thing :)



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