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Quinta's #pianobites 1: Errollyn Wallen's Louis' Loops

Due to the covid-related cancellation of a piano recital at the wonderful Bishopsgate Institute, I built a cardboard grand piano in my living room and decided to post from there the programme of pieces I would've played. Growing up, I played music by white male composers- mainly dead ones- so in putting together my programme for this concert, I chose music only by women living now- music I could identify with, music full of imaginative possibility, play, humour, feeling, experimentation. The classical music world I learnt in did not look or feel like this. As an adult professional, I moved into other musical worlds to play and make, and look back on those early experiences with some complicated feelings. Learning these pieces has helped me reclaim the memory- and was such a solace during lockdown. And it's not often you get to do a concert in your slippers....

Since the concert would've happened at lunchtime, I'll post a piece from the programme every day at 1 for you to enjoy over your sandwiches- starting with Errollyn Wallen's dazzling Louis' Loops.



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