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Performing with Aeolian harps at Barbican Conservatory

Delighted to be a part of 'the greenhouse effect', an immersive sound experience reflecting on our relationship with nature at a time of climate crisis. I'll be performing three pieces from my upcoming album release, Aeolian Mixtape, with Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris (whose gorgeous double bass playing features on the album itself), cellist Laura Moody and violinist Linda Jankowska. With the Aeolian harps singing out from amongst the greenery, we'll perform ‘Meltemia’, the first single from the album, named for the extremely strong winds that blow from the north across the Aegean Basin; ‘Dasos’, Greek for ‘woodland’, which features rich rumbling double bass and bird- and insect-like textures in the upper strings; and 'Chloris', named for the nymph abducted by the wind god Zephyrus.

These very special shows will also feature music by Claudia Molitor, Carola Bauckholt, and Marcus Vergette.

Tickets available here.



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