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Creative Retreat at The Red House, Aldeburgh

Honoured and excited to be spending a fortnight's creative retreat at Cosy Nook, cottage of Britten and Pears' long-term housekeeper Miss Nellie Hudson. Enormous thanks to Britten Pears Arts for what I can already sense is going to be a very special time.

I'll be working more on my sea level rise/flooding compositions, a project especially pertinent to this region of the UK, large parts of which could expect to be submerged by 2050 unless drastic action is taken to address climate catastrophe. Indeed, coastal communities worldwide are experiencing sea-level rise up to four times more quickly than the global average, with human-caused land subsidence also contributing to a very sobering outlook.

The gardens here are full of beauty, tranquility and life. I sat this morning in the glow of the quiet sun and listened to the many many layers of bird and insect song, this world of beings that carry on their unobtrusive lives in this place, the clarity of the morning air and quietude carrying their voices and wing-sounds to one another and to me. I feel very lucky to have this kind of solace when researching such troubling themes.



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